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I first went to see a Chiropractor on the recommendation of my family medical doctor. I was having a great deal of pain, making it very difficult to walk for any distance without sitting down,relaxing out the pain before moving forward. It was becoming very problematic because there weren’t always places to sit. I didn’t want to undergo surgery until I had explored all other options. I had remarkable results with SPINAL DECOMPRESSION TREATMENT. Half way through the series of treatments, I was moving much better, much farther, and without as much pain and discomfort. At the end of the series, I feel like I was about 70-80% improved. I still cannot run a marathon, but that wasn’t in my plans anyway. I can,however,go through my day to day activities without pain, discomfort and limitation. That is a blessing unto itself. 
I would recommend SPINAL DECOMPRESSION to anyone that is having mobility issues and or hip and leg pain (sciatica).

Sharon Fine 
New Ross, Indiana 


When I first came to Dr. Russell,I was using a walker ALL the time and in lots of pain. He showed me the procedure of spinal decompression and explained it fully. The treatments are painless and gave me a great deal of relief. After following his advise for the 20 treatments I am able to walk freely without the aid of a walker and the pain is reduced to a minimal amount. After several epidurals and acupuncture,this treatment has done a great deal more for me. I would recommend this type of treatment to anyone with back and leg problems.

Kathryn Branstette

For months I could not sleep in bed for more than 5 minutes! My back and leg hurt so bad I would have to go to a chair and try to sleep sitting up and that was miserable. I tried epidural shots in my back and they did nothing. I went to Dr. Russell and after reviewing my file he  recommended SPINAL DECOMPRESSION. Man am I happy I followed his advise! I can now sleep all night IN MY BED and I can sleep on either side or my back in comfort. I also now exercise 3 days per week. I HAVE MY LIFE BACK!! NO SURGERY FOR ME.

Joy Johnsto


After suffering for several months with lower back pain, and pain down one leg and into my foot and finding no relief, I took the advice of a friend and went for a consultation with Dr. Larry Russell. I was most impressed that he listened carefully to my symptoms, but more importantly, offered no treatment until he sent me for an MRI to be able to fully diagnose my problems. The MRI showed one bulging disc, one protruding disc affecting nerves, and some arthritis.  After consultation, Dr. Russell suggested that I undergo SPINAL DECOMPRESSION treatments under his chiropractic care. After only a few treatments, I felt pain relief not only in my back but also in the leg and foot. The lower back pain soon subsided.
I did not have an initial injury that caused this situation, only years of not being kind to my back. With a change in lifestyle in care of my back,stretches and exercises, and occasional chiropractic care, I intend to live pain-free for as long as the good Lord is willing.


Debbie Larew

In the beginning of last summer, I began to notice some minor pain in my lower back and hip.  I was a fairly regular patient of chiropractic, going once every three months or so to get an adjustment.  I assumed that something was a little more in need or correction than usual, so I made an appointment with my chiropractor.
After a few adjustments in one week, I realized that this wasn’t my ordinary back discomfort, and in fact the pain was getting much more severe.  In addition to my lower back and hip, I was now feeling a sharp stinging sensation all the way down my right leg.  Sleeping was difficult, standing or sitting in one spot for more than a few seconds became painful, and any involuntary action such as sneezing, coughing or even laughing was just excruciating.  This pain disturbed just about every activity in my life—working, driving, exercising and so on.
A few co-workers had spoken of similar problems, and in discussing it with them I found out that Dr. Russell dealt with this issue and had a special therapy for it that might help me.  After an initial appointment and MRI, I was diagnosed with a herniated disc.  The doctor explained that the many pounds of normal pressure pushing out to the edges of my lowest disc were pressing out toward a weak spot that had developed.  Much like pinching off one small area of a water balloon, this bulge was pushing out the disc’s normal boundary and touching nerves.
He also explained that decompression therapy on a specially designed table that he had in his office would extend my spine, causing the pressure inside the disc to turn into a vacuum.  My disc would then pull back in, and over time and several sessions the weak spot would heal and be able to contain the disc as it had done before.  This option appealed to me more than shots or surgery, and it was non-invasive, it wouldn’t disrupt my work in any way, and it just made good common sense.
Even after a few sessions on the table, I began to notice a positive difference, and improvement continued through the process.  Now that I’ve finished the program, I can drive four hours with no discomfort at all, whereas before, a short trip to the grocery store would practically have me in tears.  I can walk without limping, sleep through the night, and when I sneeze, cough, or laugh, I don’t feel like I’ve just been struck by lightening!!
I would say that this ten week process has brought me 98% improvement, and am confident that the stretches and exercises that Dr. Russell has given me will take me the rest of the way to a full recovery.


Michelle DeMumbrum 
Age 34 

I was at a point of severe pain in my left leg, where I could barely walk without holding on to walls, cars, railings and people.  The constant pain was excruciating and the limping was making my leg muscles weak.  I was almost ready for a wheelchair!!  The pain was not only in my lower back and left legs, sometimes it moved to my right legs.  I had numbness in my toes at times and sometimes shooting pain while just sitting with my feet up.  I fell after church one Sunday and decided something had to be done.  Shots in the back were short term and surgery was not an option!!  Along came spinal decompression.  I was skeptical at first but willing to try anything but surgery.  What a relief.  I fell again during my process and thought I had ruined all that had been accomplished.  But on the contrary!!  The pain has subsided, I do not limp, I don’t hang onto walls, or people.  I walk with a spring in my step.  I am continuously aware, as to how to handle my body, what I lift, how I bend, and how I sit.  I would definitely recommend spinal decompression as an alternative before getting shots and or surgery!!!
Living life again!!


Jane Colson


I have had chronic lower back pain for many years.  I was having tingling, numbness, losing mobility of my legs and becoming stooped over. A co-worker suggested Dr. Russell and his Decompression Table.  Dr. Russell scheduled a consultation for me.  Then we scheduled treatments followed by maintenance care. The table was “GREAT." I have NO PAIN.  I walk straight without dragging my left leg.  After the first two visits, I could feel relief. I would recommend this treatment for anyone with chronic back pain caused by herniated discs.

Out of Pain 
Donna J.


I would highly recommend the spinal decompression procedure to anyone who has lower back pain. Before I had this procedure it was very hard for me to get up in the morning. I always had severe back pain, and numbness in my legs. Sometimes it was hard for me to walk. Now that I have went through treatment, I am a totally different person. No more back pain and when I get up I feel great!

Judy Clar


I injured my back in November 2007. I was unable to walk straight and had pains down my legs. An MRI showed that I had a herniated disc. Dr. Russell conferenced with me and I chose to do the spinal decompression as opposed to having surgery. The treatments were never painful. At first there was some discomfort, but afterthe electrical muscle stimulation and treatment by Dr. Russell, I would feel better. I have actually fallen asleep during some of the later sessions.
I am now once again walking 3-4 miles a day and feel great. Long distances in a car can cause some discomfort, but I am doing so much better. I believe doing the exercises helps a lot. I would urge anyone who is in this painful situation to try this approach. I did not want surgery, and for me, this has been a great resource.

Renee McGrady